New Sex Story : Sex With My Maid Sneha -4


My cock slithered in and out, the glans moving like a piston in the tight throat. Initially I was gentle, restricting my strokes to a few inches but slowly became madly lusty as I observed the girl’s helpless body and head jerk to and fro. I suddenly pulled out almost the complete length of my cock feeling the delicious friction of her tight throat and lunged in again, relishing the parting of the delicate throat muscles. I now fucked her hard, without caring what happened to the hapless girl. This was truly a ravisher’s mindset as all I was aware of was the sweet raging fire, a sense of ownership of the girl as an object existing only to satisfy my lust and a sadistic pleasure at causing her pain and discomfort as she satisfied my lust.

I ejaculated hard with an intensity not often experienced and shouted and cursed and mouthed filthy expletives. The semen was directly ejaculated deep into her stomach and I felt like a munificent donor, giving elixir of life itself to the reluctant girl who should feel gratified at having been chosen to be worthy of the object of my lust. All these thoughts flashed through my mind as I came shuddering and shaking into the girl’s mouth.

When it was over, I felt beautifully satisfied and satiated. My cock was limp again and released its pressure on the poor girl’s throat. I withdrew, feeling a sense of affection towards her. Her lips looked crushed and were bruised with the repeated banging of my powerful body against her teeth. She was limp and looked like a broken rag doll. Her breasts looked red and were bruised in many places where Sneha had crushed the flesh cruelly. We thought that she was unconscious but when Sneha lifted her from her lap and laid her on the floor, she moaned with pain, moving her limbs in a jerky fashion.

Sneha was not done yet and was in unbearable heat like a bitch. I offered to suck her but she was fixated on her niece and straddled her head. Then she poked and slapped the girl softly till she opened her eyes. Sneha asked her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. The scared girl obeyed her aunt without question and Sneha sat down on her mouth, impaling herself on the delicate tongue. Then she started humping the girl’s mouth, starting to come almost immediately. She fucked Sangeeta’s mouth for at least ten minute continuously coming five times and then sat down with a sigh, spent and relaxed, as juice flowed out from the sated cunt. She moved around till her cunt was firmly planted on the girl’s mouth, giving her niece instructions to lap it up. I could see that the girl was obeying her, by the way her throat muscles moved as if drinking something.

As Sneha got up, finally feeling satiated, we left the girl lying on the floor, leaving her to recuperate from the drastic ravishing as best as she could. We ourselves staggered into the bathroom, and sat under the shower. We bathed each other smiling happily and feeling contented. Sneha suddenly got up and went out. She came back in a few minutes, pulling Sangeeta behind her. The poor girl was crying with fear, thinking that she was in for another bout of ravishing. However, we were both in a gentler frame of mind and cuddled and reassured the girl.

I took her in my lap, kissing her mouth and face lovingly while Sneha started the hot shower and soaped and bathed her, massaging her body. Slowly the girl recovered and calmed down. As her pain slowly disappeared, Sneha gently started soaping her pussy, running hot water into the labia soothingly. I watched amused, as she slowly managed to get the girl aroused again. Finally when a moan of delight escaped her lips, I spread the girl’s legs to make way for Sneha. She stooped down and started licking her vagina. I caressed her nipples and kissed her ears and between us, we brought the girl to a delightful orgasm. Sneha forced her down on the floor and then settled down into a proper sixty-nine with her for a continued feast of cunt juice.

Sneha and Sangeeta got up after a while and left to dry themselves while I continued to rest in the shower for some more time. Sangeeta was in a happier frame of mind now, having almost got over her ravishing. I could already feel my cock stir back to life and was soon at full mast, making me wish that the girl and Sneha were still around. I got up and dried myself, thinking of new ways to enjoy our threesome.

Suddenly I heard loud voices in the outside room and walked out still naked, to see what the ruckus was about. I paused just inside the door behind the curtain and saw that the girl was hiding behind a tall well built handsome woman who was shielding the girl protectively as she shouted at Sneha at having violated her daughter sexually. I realized that the woman must be Sneha’s sister and looked her over with interest.

While Sneha was slim and dark, the sister was fair with a glowing smooth complexion and was almost as tall as me. She was also voluptuous without being fat, with a delectable middle aged spread around her otherwise slim waist and a wide massive bottom. She had red sensuous lips and a well filled out bosom, though a little sagging. I sensed trouble as the woman appeared to be very angry. Sneha saw me and shrugged, smiling as if she knew that there was nothing amiss. I saw Sneha take out a bundle of cash and offer it to her sister, placating her. It was a lot of money and the anger in the woman’s voice slowly petered out as the money disappeared in her purse, but she continued shouting and then started for the door, pulling her relieved daughter after her.

I did not want to lose the girl as I wanted to continue the delightful task of ravishing her young body in all possible ways. Sneha sensed my need and motioned me to come out. I boldly stepped out, my quivering cock pointing straight ahead. The woman stopped in her track, looking mesmerized at the sight of my proud throbbing penis. It did look very desirable to a red-blooded woman with a purple swollen glans and thick veined shaft. The woman stared at it, and slowly licked her lips.

I could sense her slow arousal as Sneha introduced us. Her sister’s name was Susheela. Sneha slowly whispered to me that she was was five years older to her, a widow and a grandmother. She had another married daughter Geeta aged about twenty-two who had an infant son. Sneha and Susheela had had a big quarrel over a trivial matter a few years back and now the two sisters hardly spoke to each other. This was the main reason for Susheela’s anger, rather than today’s act of Sneha having seduced her daughter, as incest, even between family members of same sex was quite prevalent in the villages. Sneha smiled triumphantly at the look on Susheela’s face and whispered to me that I had won another woman for sex.

Susheela looked uncertainly at Sneha as if seeking her permission and Sneha nodded, encouraging her to go ahead. Susheela slowly walked to me and paused. She touched the penis lovingly and ran her palm over the glans. As my cock perked up at the caress, she quickly kissed my mouth passionately. Her lips were soft and sensuous and I kissed her back. She suddenly kneeled down in front of me and took the cock in her hand. Then she calmly opened her mouth wide and swallowed my glans. She sucked at it like a fruit and her soft wet tongue enveloped the complete glans possessively. She sucked at it greedily and I slowly came to the point of no return.

As she sensed my impending orgasm, she hurried it along by holding the shaft in two hands and fisting it slowly. I came suddenly into her mouth with a grunt and her eager tongue lovingly lapped up the thick creamy juice. She let go reluctantly after all cream was sucked up, her tongue probing my urethra with its tip hopefully for any remaining drops. She finally got up and went back to the girl. Sangeeta had sensed the change in her mother and cowered back as Susheela slapped her hard across the cheek, for telling her baseless stories.

As Sangeeta stared crying, Susheela pulled her by the arm and firmly led her to Sneha, saying that she was going to leave her daughter with her so that she could be punished properly for telling lies. She could stay here and would do as Sneha told her. Sneha pulled the weeping girl behind her, dragging her like a lamb back to the slaughterhouse. She turned back, her face glowing with lust and said that she was going to spend some time with her niece Sangeeta, in the next bedroom and would try to discipline her so that she became more amenable to obeying her elders.

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