New English Sex Story : Lunch with Pregnant Sister-in-Law


Hi friend now i am back with my next part now you continue if you want to read my first part and second part click here to read. now next.. Unbelievable that another one of my fantasy finally came true last week. This one was not from watching my wife being screwed by her ex-boyfriend and his friend but rather it was I that had an incredible mid-day experience with her younger married sister. I have known her sister Diana as long as I have known my wife for over 14 years. When I first met Diana, she was one hot looking 17 years old Asian teen. Over the years she grew into this beautiful woman in her mide-20’s with a body that no man or woman could resist. Her figure was perfect – 5′-5″, 100 lbs., 32B-23-33, all natural with a beautiful face, firm tight bottom, long legs and silky smooth skin.

Although I was extremely happy to be married to her older sister Aindrila, I have fantasized numerous times over the years of being with Diana just for one night. I really wanted to experience what the younger and taller sister has to offer. I recall one encounter a few years ago while she was visiting us at our home; I accidentally saw one of her nipple exposed under her blouse when she bent over to play with our first baby boy. She definitely did not have any bra under which I still think it was intentional. I was so aroused and wished I could have tasted those nipples but instead, I went to the washroom and released my own load.

Diana did eventually get marry and had one beautiful girl whom is just over two years old and is pregnant again with her second. She is about 7 months into her second pregnancy so she is a little bit larger than usual but still looks terrific with that huge baby bump around her stomach.

This brings us to last week’s encounter where my fantasy with Diana finally came true. I was around her area when I decided to drop by for a quick visit during the lunch hour of which I have done occasionally in the past. When I got there I noticed she looked a bit upset but she did let me in anyway. She asked if I wanted any lunch and because I had a late breakfast, I dec Aindri laed but asked for a hot tea instead. Her husband was at work and her daughter just started her afternoon nap so with our tea, we sat next to each other and started our conversation quietly.

We did a bit of catching up for a few minutes before I finally asked her what’s wrong as I noticed she was not herself. She quickly tear up and mentioned her and her husband had an argument this morning and possibly because of her pregnancy, her hormone was getting to her. Without hesitation, I leaned over and held her so that she had my shoulder to cry on. I initially did it innocently with no other intention as I have accepted the fact that she is married with children and she is my sister in-law, so that “one night” fantasy cannot happen. That’s how I felt with my heart but my hormone got the better of me.

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I was told when my wife was pregnant with our two children that she was always horny during her pregnancy. Her nipples were always very sensitive and she wanted to be felt all the times. I was hoping Diana felt the same and given her emotional state, I figured I might be able to take advantage of the situation.

I held her tighter and started to rub her arm for further comfort. She had on at the time what looked like some kind of a workout outfit for a pregnant woman. Tight purple t-shirt with likely a sport bra that made her breasts looked closer to a C and not B. She also had those tight long black stretchable pants on which did not show any underwear Aindrilae. She either didn’t wear anything underneath or just had a thong on but either way, I was eager to find out.

While gently rubbing her arm, I gave her a soft kiss on her forehead followed by a whisper in her ear letting her know that everything will be okay. I took the opportunity to lightly nipple on her earlobe thinking she might resist but she didn’t. I then started to lick her inner ear and she responded positively by holding onto me tighter. The tighter she held, the more I felt of her breasts and tummy pressing up against me. you are reading this story on At that point, I couldn’t believe what I was getting myself into and did for a second thought I should stop. It was too late as my penis started to grow inside my trouser.

I slowly moved from ear foreplay to kissing her. I could tell by her deep kisses that she was either very emotional or horny or possibly both. I repositioned myself behind her and started to lick and kiss the back of her neck while both of my arms were wrapped around her pregnant tummy. My hands quickly moved upward to her breasts where I gently fondled them. Her breasts felt so soft and full and the more I played with them, the more excited she got which led her to grind her butt up against my fully-grown penis.

I stood up and turned her around facing me before removing her shirts completely. Both her breasts jumped out as soon as I removed her pink bra. They were definitely larger than B and were so soft and full. I fondled her left with my hand while gently sucking her right with my month. I alternated between the two, which resulted to both nipples becoming extremely hard, pinkest and upright. Diana was moaning louder and louder with each sucking motion. Not soon after, I felt some fluid coming out of her right nipple and because I too had sucked my wife’s nipples numerous times during her pregnancies, I knew exactly what they were. It was definitely breast milk and it was sweet and wonderful. Its aroma got me so aroused that I started to insert one hand into her pants to see if she had a thong on and if so, was it wet. She did have it on and it was very wet indeed. I continued to indulge on Diana’ breast milk while fingering her wet pussy at the same time.

I finally removed her pants and thong before sitting her down on the sofa. While on my knees, I spread her legs apart and with amazement, I discovered not only a socking wet pussy but also one that was almost all shaved. I love a shaved pussy so I immediately started to lick it with my tongue. While focusing on her clitoris, I had both my hands massaging her breasts with my fingers gently squeezing those very tendered nipples, which got her breast milk squirting into the air uncontrollably. It was such an incredible scene. It didn’t take her long for Diana to experience her first orgasm that early afternoon, and when she came, she was so loud that she almost woke her daughter up.

Her chest area was full off splatted milk so I quickly had it all licked up. I couldn’t believe I still had all my clothing on so she unbuttoned my shirts. Diana quickly sucked my nipples before working her way down to my abs. She then removed my pants leaving my boxer still on. She then pulled my boxer down slowly exposing only the penis head and started to gently lick it. I was so ready for her to take the whole thing in so I removed the rest of the boxer myself. She definitely got the message and gave me one of the best blowjob I have ever received. I must admit Diana was much better than her sister because she actually took the whole thing in and held it in her mouth. I did not want her to stop blowing me but was mindful that I didn’t want to explode it in her month, I much rather come in her wet shaved pussy instead so I withdrew from her month.

It was time for some real action as I stood her up, turned her around with her back facing me, had her bent over with her legs spread apart. I slowly inserted my penis into her pussy from the back and when I did, she too pressed her butt up against me signaAindrilag she wanted it all in. Given her huge stomach, she couldn’t bend over much making it difficult for me to grab her hanging breasts from behind. Instead I held on to her large tummy and fucked her from behind jamming it all the way in. I felt I was about to ejaculate so I withdrew and kissed her in order to rest a bit.

I really want more breast milk so I laid myself on the bottom with her on top. She gently inserted her soaking wet pussy on to my penis and slowly rode it back and forth, and up and down. I reached up to grab both breasts and started to squeeze them until milk started to squirt out all over. you are reading this story on The harder she rode, the harder I squeezed which caused more milk to come out. After a few minutes, I could not hold any longer so I finally blew my load in her and she too had her second orgasm with another loud scream.

I was so exhausted as it was one of the best sex experiences I have had for a long time. Screwing a pregnant woman particularly a sister-in-law definitely gave that extra edge of excitement.

While we were dressing ourselves, I took one final stare at Diana’ naked pregnant figure thinking that it may be the last time I’d see that amazing body.

She thanked me for dropping by and suggested that I should come by for lunch more often over the next few months. We both agreed that this would be our little lunch secrete when I can come for some home made milk.

I went home that evening and did not mention a word to my wife of where I was over lunch. When the night came around and just the thought of Diana and her breast milk got me so horny once again so I took it out on my wife Aindrila. Although I didn’t have the huge pregnant stomach to contend with nor did I have any breast milk to indulge on, I did however have my wife’s beautiful D sized breasts, which brought a different kind of excitement.

While lying there after Aindrila and I had sex, I felt a bit terrible for not telAindrilag her but given her numerous involvements with Josef and Phil, I guess my guilt quickly went away.

I have not had Diana’s milk since that encounter but definitely I am planning for a visit sometime next week. next part will send soon. i hope you enjoyed my real story please make comment.


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