Hottest English Sex Story : Sex With My Maid Sneha -1


It was Friday evening and I rushed to my farmhouse outside Pune, eager to get there and sample the delights that would be ready for me. My darling maid Sneha was waiting for me in the living room as I opened the door. Her face was flushed as she slowly rubbed her legs together while sitting on the sofa and watching her favorite family incest movie on the VCR. I closed the door and locked it, as she jumped up, ran to me and throwing her arms around my neck, kissed me lustily.

She was a short slim woman of about forty one years but looked like thirty five. One reason for my deep attraction towards her was that she was almost as old as my mother. Her head came hardly to my shoulders, but she had great power over me and exploited it shamelessly for her pleasure. She had nice long hair, which she habitually wore in a bun, tied with a simple ribbon and adorned with flowers, as all Indian village women are habituated to do. Her skin was dark brown and smooth as silk and she had a long pointed face with a wide passionate mouth. Her lips were dark and a little rough and their feel on my lips always drove me wild. She wore a pin in her nose and many silver bangles, which tinkled sweetly all the time. She wore silver anklets around her slim feet. Her body was slim and hard and muscular.

As I admired her beauty, she forced her tongue through my lips and I sucked her sweet pan (betel leaf) scented saliva from her mouth. I could feel the hard pointed nipples against my chest through the clothes. I squeezed her buttocks while continuing the kissing and led her to the sofa. As I sat down, I pulled her in my lap and continued sucking her rough sensuous mouth, pushing my tongue into her throat and moving it around the soft flesh. It was amazing that I felt so horny in her presence in spite of so many years having passed since I met her first.

My association with Sneha went back more than ten years, when I was just fourteen. I had met her at my Mausi’s (maternal aunt) place during the delicious incestuous summer that I first had sex with my Mausi and her husband and also Sneha who was my Aunt’s maid. My sex romps with Mausi and Mausaji (uncle) have continued whenever I visit them. However, two months ago, I moved to Pune and settled down comfortably, in a well paying job as well as with enough ancestral property to last me a life time. The first thing that I did was to buy a nice secluded house on the outskirts of Pune, just near Sneha’s village. Then I persuaded Mausi to part with her darling maid. I wanted to enjoy Sneha full time, I was so enamored of her earthy raw sensuousness or ‘desi maal’. Mausi agreed to let her come with me as she and Uncle were now into very large group orgies and were happy for Sneha as she would be with me and they could also enjoy her once in a while, when they visited me.

I brought Sneha with me last month and ensconced her firmly in the house, gave her a generous allowance and visited her as often as I could, sometimes days at a stretch or at least from Friday night to Monday morning every week. Her only job was to keep the house clean and cozy for my visits and to keep on thinking of delicious new ways to please herself and me. For the last one-month, we had had mind blowing unrestrained deliciously perverted sex and were going great guns, with promises of more delightful variations to be explored. The only restriction I placed on her was that she could not have any boy friends but was free to cultivate as much female company as she wanted, for whatever reasons. Now, as I kissed her, I was impatient to sample the sweet delights of her trim petite body.

As we came up for air, she laughed with relief. As usual, she was fully dressed in the traditional Indian village style nine yard sari and blouse and would stay that way till I finished dinner. She undressed me while sitting in my lap and as she pulled off my briefs, my stiff penis sprang up. She caught it in her fist and pumped it vigorously, as she mockingly laughed at me. She liked to tease me that way to ensure that when the time came, she got the largest possible size of organ to enjoy in her cunt and arse. We got up and went to the dining room, she pulling me by my penis like a dog’s leash. She already had the dinner ready.

I sat down at the table and she parked herself in my lap. Her mouth was now at the same level as mine and she peered into my eyes with a look of pent-up lust. I waited as she took the first mouthful and chewed it thoroughly. Then she leaned towards me and as I opened my lips, put her mouth on mine and pushed out the mashed food into my mouth. It was delicious as usual, mixed with her sweet saliva and I swallowed it quickly. This is the way we always ate, she preparing ready-to-swallow mouthfuls in her own mouth so that I could eat in a minimum time and she could get on with the more exciting things. She continued chewing and feeding me. In between, she also ate whenever I paused sometimes to relish the taste of the food in my mouth. My penis was clutched possessively between her thighs as we continued eating.

The dinner was soon finished and she got up. Now it was time for dessert and she grinned with wicked pleasure as I waited for it. She cleaned the table, removed all the dishes and then climbed on to the table herself, like the biggest and sweetest dish of all. She lay down in front of me, hiking her sari above her waist. As usual, she wore no bra or panties and her slim strong thighs and genitals were presented to my eager eyes. Her cunt was completely shaven and was silky smooth, as the rest of her skin. She bent her knees and placed her feet flat on the surface. Then she slid forward till her buttocks were on the edge of the table and spread her legs. The open cunt was fully exposed and was just inches away from my face. I drank in the lush view of her familiar pink pulsating thick labia, already wet with her juice. The small pea size clitoris was hard as a diamond, fiery red with due to the blood pumping through it.

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