Hot English Sex Story : Sex With My Maid Sneha -2


I was still hard and wanted to reach the sofa before my penis became limp. So I carefully turned her body around and helped her to pivot herself so that she was lying down on her stomach on the table, her legs now dangling below the edge of the table. I held her by the waist and pulled her to an upright position, still plugged in. Then I clutched her to my body and carried her to the sofa, while she put her arms behind her and looped them across my neck. There I sat down and pulled her into my lap and she too sank down gratefully. My penis though a little softer after the orgasm still retained enough firmness to remain buried deep in her arse and now rapidly elongated and hardened again.

I inserted a new video cassette and then caught her breasts and started squeezing them while she herself started rubbing her cunt from over the crotch of panty. We started kissing lustily, tongues intertwined as we watched the movie. After some time, when I found that she was still thrashing around with lust, not able to make herself come, I freed my right hand and rubbed her vulva vigorously, making her come within a minute with delighted squeals.

This went on for a long time and I managed to stay erect and inside her buttocks for more than two hours. I was hungry but went in for the big prize, masturbating her relentlessly and every orgasm that shook her petite body released more juice into the delicious food stuffed into her cunt. Finally I came along with her, as the climax of the movie showed a big hefty amazon carrying a delicate teenage youth around the room on all fours. The teenager was acting as the son of the amazon and was mounted on her back with his cock buried in the woman’s arse. He fucked with gusto and sobbed with lust as she moved effortlessly on all four like a mare through the room. I erupted into Sneha’s anus and kissed her hard and sucked on her lips till slowly my penis emptied itself of my boiling semen deep inside her intestines.

I lifted her and unplugged her. Then as she collapsed back on the sofa, I sat down in front of her and pulled down her panties. The juice was flowing out of her cunt and a few bits of the cream roll had oozed out of her labia. I dived in and ate hungrily, sucking out the stuff from her nether mouth. Even the hard cream roll had wilted into a sweet mash with the onslaught of her syrupy juice. The act of eating itself made her come twice as she gazed at me with a motherly affection and ran her fingers through my hair. The banana was like banana split, a thick gooey mixture oozing out from her red lips. I enjoyed my cunt-meal for half an hour. It was very erotic and arousing food and we were both horny again by the time I finished sucking her up.

I lifted her and took her to bed and we did some heavy kissing and petting prior to starting copulating again. As I kissed her, I remarked about the final riding scene admiring the actress’s power and stamina in carrying the boy around on her back. Sneha too had been very aroused by the scene and said that she too would love to do it. After an interval of a few minutes in which she allowed me to suck her tongue, she further said that she was sure she could carry me around for a long time. I made fun of her saying she was mad and she spiritedly started arguing with me. I shut her up by swallowing her lips in mine, catching them in my teeth and sucking and gently chewing them. I fingered her cunt and arse with my forefinger and index finger and slowly she started moaning again, mumbling into my mouth and gazing into my eyes, with a deep lusty look.

We switched to a sixty-nine and lay sideways, burrowing into each other’s crotches and sucking voraciously. She initially just took the glans in her mouth and sucked like a lollipop; while I stretched open her labia, to make her pink vagina appear like a succulent hollow tube in front of my eyes. I inserted my tongue in the red moist tunnel and picked off the drops of juice wherever I could see them. She liked it immensely and kept on coming every few minutes and naughtily kept her own sucking of my knob to a controlled level where I throbbed but did not ejaculate.

I enjoyed the slowly rising level of my lust and finally when I could not bear it any more, turned over on top of her and neatly forced my full cock into her mouth. She struggled but could not do a damn as my weight pinned her face below my crotch. I effortlessly buried the full length in her gullet. Penetration of her throat was a delicious sensation, made doubly sweet as she gurgled and moaned, unable to even protest properly. I started fucking her throat and then buried my face in her crotch, kissing and sucking the drooling nether mouth.

I closed my eyes and had a really delicious time, imagining that it was a cunt I was fucking and a mouth I was sucking. For good measure, I wrapped my thighs around her head and slammed lustily, ignoring her flailing body and spluttering sounds from her gagged mouth. I came in a big whooping orgasm and lay panting, enjoying one of the sweetest orgasms of the day. She lay passively, sucking on the softening penis reflexively. When I finally released her and got up, she had a coughing spree, massaging her banged throat and pointedly turned away, quivering with anger at my treacherous act. But her cunt gave her away as the juice that now boiled out of her vagina was like a torrent. I licked at her dripping nether mouth and had a fun time gobbling up all that juice. She tried to push my face away but without any real intent and I persisted finally making her come again with a soft sigh.

It was only mock anger because she allowed herself to be cajoled and fussed over and finally sat up smiling when I lay down flat on my back and offered her my body to do as she pleased for the night. She started by tying me up to the four bedposts and extracted some revenge by knotting the bras she used very tightly on my wrists. Then she started caressing me in her special way, tickling and pinching alternately. She wrapped her fingers around the penis and slowly squeezed and rolled the shaft. Intermittently, she ran her fingers on the skin of my glans, making me shiver with delight. She played with me till I became hard and started straining to drive my cock inside her soft fists. She got up at this point, straddled me, impaled her cunt on my cock and sank down slowly, watching my passionate lust filled face mockingly. She told me that I was in for a long sweet ride without any end and started rising up and down, fucking herself expertly.

She had me sobbing and begging within an hour, helping herself to many orgasms but making sure that I never came and always hung at the precipice. When my entreaties became louder, she would shut me up by thrusting her toes in my mouth and clamping down on my lips with her soft pink feet. After some time, she considerately got down from her perch, pulling out my rock hard cock from her sopping wet cunt and came and straddled my face, her nether lips just an inch above my mouth. Then she laughed and played ‘catch me if you can’ by lowering her red wet gash within striking distance of my mouth and when I eagerly tried to suck it or lick it with my tongue, she would withdraw just outside my range. I was mad for her juice and all I got were a few drops that fell from her quivering hole.

Finally I admitted defeat and lay still with my mouth open and looked at her with longing. She took pity and sat down and planted her cunt firmly on my mouth. I sucked gratefully and she slowly rose up and down masturbating herself. After the initial quenching of my thirst, she wrapped her legs around my head and really fucked my mouth hard and humped away strongly. I drank the juice from her cunt and moaned at the unbearable sweet sensation in my penis.

Satiated, she went to sleep in that position pointedly ignoring my erection. She would get up during the night almost every hour and would continue fucking my penis and mouth alternately till I was in a trance with unbearable sensations in my knob. At around four in the morning, she finally sucked me off, holding the swollen red apple of my glans in her mouth and sucking on it very sweetly. My orgasm was so shattering that I shouted and then fainted with the pleasure of the release. I didn’t remember anything else till I got up the next morning. I found that she had untied me and was kissing me lovingly.

I pulled her to me and gave her a nice cunt-sucking job to thank her for the fantastic time she had given me last night. We got up from the bed very late, in fact it was afternoon by the time we went to the bathroom. However, Sneha cut the bath short saying she wanted to start showing me that what she said last night was true and she could easily bear my weight and take me around while mounted on her.

As we dried ourselves, she asked me how I would like to ride her while she cleaned the floors as a part of her household duties. I knew that she did this in the old fashioned style, moving on all fours slowly as she mopped the floors. I asked her whether she would be able to support my weight for the half-hour that this would take. She nodded resolutely, her eyes alight with a determination. I bet with her that if she completed two full rounds of the house, I would suck her cunt without a pause for at least two hours and make her beg me to stop. Her passionate fiery nature accepted the bet and she contemptuously threw a challenge at me that there was no way her horny cunt could be sucked off to finish even in twenty four hours let alone one. We quickly finished breakfast, I as usual eating out of her cunt while she herself had a good meal to energize herself. She guided me to the living room, holding my cock and then disappeared in the kitchen.

She soon reappeared with a bucket and mop and kept it on the floor. Then she walked towards me and lovingly kissed me putting her arms around my neck and asked me whether I was ready. I nodded and asked her with a deep mouth sucking kiss whether she really wanted to do it. She said that she could carry her darling young master, who was almost like a son to her, all day if needed. She was of-course quite strong and lean with all the work that she did.

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