English Sex Story : Sex With My Maid Sneha -5


I made everybody get up and dry themselves. We hurried to the master bedroom where I called Sneha and Susheela and whispered to them about how I planned to ravish Sangeeta again with their help. Their eyes lit up with a sadistic glee, as even Sangeeta’s mother was now so horny with desire that she could not wait to see my lovely cock penetrating her nubile daughter’s body.

I lay down luxuriously on the bed and called Sangeeta over lovingly. Sangeeta came to me with a little trepidation, but as I lifted her and pulled her face to mine, her suspicion vanished and she gleefully entwined her legs around my waist. I kissed her long and hard, tasting her sweet mouth and then pulled her crotch to my face. She eagerly sat on my mouth and I started feeding on her tight young cunt, driving my tongue in, and making her giggle with pleasure. I also probed her anus gently and it was tight and strong. Her young muscles seemed to have recovered from yesterday’s banging.

Susheela and Sneha now started preparing my cock for the task ahead, in the process enjoying themselves hugely. They sucked and licked my cock, sometimes kissing each other across the shaft. Soon Susheela gobbled it up, moving her head up and down. When she withdrew, Sneha climbed up on the bed and impaled herself on the rock hard pole jutting out from my abdomen. Then she rode up and down, grinning delightedly and helped herself to a huge orgasm. As she withdrew, Susheela went back to gobbling up my penis, in the process also tasting her sister’s syrupy cunt juice off my cock.

Then it was her turn for the ride and she carefully climbed up in the bed, stood straddling my body and then slowly sat down on my cock, swallowing it up. Her cunt felt hot and steamy and I primed my cock as much as I could to increase her pleasure. Susheela fucked herself hard by rising and falling rapidly, my thick shaft moving smoothly in her luscious cunt. She too got off to a shuddering orgasm and dismounted, leaving a treasure of honey from her cunt on my cock for Sneha to enjoy. Sneha and Susheela went on till I could not control myself and felt my horny cock about to erupt, having now grown to enormous proportions. I gave them the signal by slapping Sneha on the buttocks.

They immediately disengaged and then in one smooth motion, lifted Sangeeta off my face. Before the girl realized what was happening, they had moved her crotch just above the monstrously swollen glans of my eager quivering tool. Then Sneha opened the teenager’s cunt lips with her fingers, and just seated the tip of the huge glans in her pussy. They now released their hold, just holding the girl’s arms loosely to keep her upright.

The weight of the girl impaled my glistening slick shaft’s glans into her tight vagina and she screamed with sudden pain as the knob went in. As she flailed around, the shaft penetrated further and she sank due to her weight. By now she was becoming dry, her passion evaporating as the first pangs of dull ache hit her tight sheath. By the time she had sunk about four inches down on my shaft, she was completely dry and stopped descending as the tight walls of her vagina fitted tightly around my penis.

This was heaven for me and I stayed absolutely still, my whole attention concentrated on not coming just now. Sneha had clamped her teeth on her niece’s soft lips and tasted the girl’s sweet saliva as she whimpered silently into Sneha’s mouth. I asked them to release her completely.

As Sneha and Susheela stepped back, the girl flailed desperately to stay vertical and planted her feet around my body to stop her descent. She tried to rise to escape the impaling and succeeded in sliding out about two inches of my cock from her vagina. But she lost her balance, as there was no real support for her to catch hold of and so she fell back heavily, impaling herself further. The friction and dilation made her squeal pitiably even as it sent shivers of pleasure up my spine. Susheela was watching spell bound, secretly wishing to be young again and in the girl’s place. We all watched as the girl struggled desperately and ultimately gave up, weeping silently. She had impaled herself almost up to the hilt, only three inches of thick shaft remaining outside her stretched cunt lips.
Susheela and Sneha moved forward to complete the act. They just caught the girl’s shoulders and pushed her down with all their strength, impaling her up to the hilt. The girl’s squeal of agony was muffled as Susheela now had her mouth clamped on her daughter’s mouth. The shivering girl hung limply, almost senseless. I savored the feeling of the tight vagina clinging like a tight sheath around my throbbing member and then started bouncing, fucking the girl from below. The movement was very sweet and soon I wanted to increase the pleasure by making a longer stroke. This was possible only if the girl became wet and this task was given to Sneha. She bent down and expertly licked the girl’s tiny clit, while Susheela caressed her daughter’s nipples gently. The girl slowly woke up and though she was still crying, I could feel the first drops of her cunt juice starting to slick her vaginal walls.

The dull stricken expression of pain on her face was slowly partly replaced by one of lust as she lubricated and started enjoying the fucking a little. The cunt juice soon started pouring out of her vagina as she moved up and down effortlessly, aided by her mother and aunt as they helped her by catching her waist and arms and moved her up and down on my pole. Sangeeta now whimpered with both pain and pleasure and Susheela joined in her delight by kissing her, and tasting her sweet saliva as she panted.

Sneha licked avidly at the junction of the cunt and the sliding cock, licking up the thick cunt juice dribbling out. The sweet friction was the last straw and my overdue orgasm hit me suddenly as I jerked up with its intensity. As my penis erupted, the two women continued moving Sangeeta’s body up and down, sliding her wet soft vagina rapidly on my ejaculating glans and causing a sweet unbearable agony in my overwrought penile nerves. They stopped only when I became limp.

Sneha and Susheela now pulled up the girl, allowing my penis to slip out of her wet vulva. It was smeared with my own semen and the girl’s juice. Sangeeta’s well-fucked cunt was also leaking and a similar mixture was oozing out from the red overworked lips of her young pussy. The two women fell delightedly on the feast, Susheela on my cock and Sneha on Sangeeta’s cunt. They licked and sucked passionately and gobbled up all the juice.

I was hungry for cunt juice, not having tasted any for quite some time. I pulled Sneha’s crotch to my mouth and started sucking her as she effortlessly fell into her customary position, her labia on my lips and riding my mouth in a sensuous rhythm. I sucked the slimy torrent pouring out, evidence of her arousal and made her come immediately. Susheela climbed on to my cock, and succeeded somehow in stuffing it like a wet noodle into her own wet pussy, even though it was still quite flaccid. She clasped Sneha around her chest and squeezed her breasts as both women rode me energetically.

My penis slowly rose again inside Susheela’s cunt, making her sigh with pleasure. After a while, they switched positions and now I had Susheela’s luscious pussy to suck. Susheela asked Sneha to knead her breasts really hard as that way she might have some more milk soon to feed me. Susheela dismounted after some time, having come twice in my mouth. Her crushed breasts now had a dark pink hue compared to the white flesh of her body, evidence of the thorough justice done to them by her younger sister.

Susheela bent down and inserted one nipple in my mouth, forcing the breast in almost halfway in her lust. I sucked and was rewarded by a flow of sweet milk. There was about half a cupful and after emptying the first breast, I did the same with the other one. The rest and the sweet fluids of the two women had aroused me again and I found my cock hard and throbbing again, as it slipped in and out of the still bouncing Sneha, who helped herself to an orgasm, while I was busy drinking from her sister’s boobs. I allowed her to come and then forced her to disengage, as I was hungry for Sangeeta again, who was quietly lying on the bed looking at her mother and aunt enjoying themselves.

I now wanted her impaled in her arse and told Susheela and Sneha. They caught the girl who again started struggling and trying to escape, after realizing that it was the turn of her anus now. The two women were gentle but firm and physically lifted her, ignoring her protests. I asked them to make Sangeeta face away from me so that I could watch her tight young buttocks. They made her stand with her legs apart straddling me and then Sneha fastened her mouth on her anus, licking and sucking her. Susheela held her daughter firmly in position as Sneha spread her nether cheeks.

They forced the girl to bend her knees till my swollen glans was anchored firmly in the little red cup of her rectum. They then forced her down, Sneha still holding her nether cheeks apart to help me penetrate the tight passage. The girl screamed with pain and cried as the knob slowly split her buttocks further and further apart and finally disappeared in her anus. She struggled but the women held her in place and forced her down. As the sphincter collapsed around my shaft, they relaxed, the girl now pinned like a butterfly.

I asked them to now enjoy her body in any way they liked while the weight of the girl slowly made her sink down on my penis. She writhed and squealed, her body flailing desperately, and the very movement impaled her more and more. By now, the two women had latched on to her body from the front. Sneha again clamped her mouth on her niece’s and sucked her saliva, relishing her muffled shouts into her own mouth, peering into the girl’s eyes relishing the helpless look of pain in them. Susheela swooped down on the wide open cunt of her daughter, sucking and penetrating it with her tongue.

I basked in the sensuous feeling of my cock slowly tearing apart the girl’s tight anal passage as it advanced inch by inch deep into her intestine. The progress was slow due to the narrow passage and I feasted my eyes on the clear view of the girl’s buttocks stretched apart, my thick swollen shaft buried half way in the tight red opening, slowly disappearing inside her hips. The girl continued to flail around and the two women feasted on her body, drinking in her mouth and cunt juice.

Finally I was in up to the hilt and the girl came to rest on my stomach. I slowly commenced a bouncing motion trying to slide my cock inside her anus. The girl was tight and instead of sliding, her body bounced up and down with my cock. I asked the two women to help in starting the buggering. Susheela and Sneha reluctantly tore themselves away from the body of the girl and I told them that once the cock started sliding properly, they could go back to enjoying themselves.

They caught the hapless girl around the waist, who was now squealing in pain, and pulled her up when I lowered my buttocks. This made my cock come out of the arsehole by about two inches. As I bounced up, they slammed the girl down impaling her again, making Sangeeta grunt painfully in shock. They repeated it in sync with my bouncing and soon I was fucking the girl’s tight arse with a smooth rhythm, while the girl squealed and wept with every stroke of mine. The feeling was highly sensuous and I knew that I would not last long. While I slowly increased my tempo, the two women fastened their mouth on the girl’s tiny nipples and sucked. Sangeeta’s soft sobbing acted as a further aphrodisiac and I slowly climbed toward the orgasm.

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