Best English Sex Story : Sex With My Maid Sneha -3


I came a day early from my trip and entered the house quietly. I had not informed Sneha and expected to give her a big surprise, as I was madly hungry for her body. There was no sign of any visitor and I was disappointed a little, as I had been expecting to find some female friends of her in the house, hopefully in intimate interaction with her. When I opened the living room door, I heard shrill giggling sounds from the bedroom. I crept to the bedroom and slowly peeked inside, expecting to find Sneha playing one of her masturbating games. Instead I saw her making love to a teenaged girl on the bed.

The girl was about thirteen years old and a little fairer than Sneha. She had a naughty fresh young face, thick sensuous lips and a long thick plait of hair tied with a ribbon. The teenager was dressed in a simple blouse and a skirt. She had her skirt bunched up above her waist and was lying on the bed. She had removed her panties and her firm young thighs were parted showing a dense silky bush. She was giggling uncontrollably as Sneha tickled her crotch with a feather. A thin red slit was fleetingly visible as the feather made her repeatedly open and close her thighs.

Sneha was sitting by her side and with her free hand was slowly squeezing the girl’s boobs from over her blouse. I could see the bulge they made in her white top and were obviously quite firm, as Sneha’s squeezing motion hardly made a dent in them. Sneha suddenly bent down and cut off the girl’s giggling with her mouth. They remained locked in that position for a long time and I could see their throat muscles working as they sucked passionately on each other’s tongue. Sneha dropped the feather and started running her finger in the crack of the girl’s pussy. The girl clenched her thighs together and slowly rocked on the imprisoned hand.

In a few moments, she orgasmed silently and suddenly and bucked her hips enthusiastically. Sneha removed her finger, licked it and said something to the girl. The girl nodded, laughing excitedly and Sneha got on to the bed, swooped down on the girl’s crotch and started sucking her young fresh cunt. The girl squealed with delight and wrapped her legs around Sneha’s head in a burst of passion.

I was now aroused and wanted to participate in the delightful girly action on the bed. I stripped down completely and entered the room silently. I slowly advanced towards the bed on my tiptoes, my throbbing cock leading the way by a good eight inches. The girl saw me and suddenly froze in shock. She tried to unwrap her thighs and sit up but Sneha held her fast, continuing her steady sucking of the girl’s pussy. The girl was trying to speak but no sound was coming from her lips. I put my finger on my lips signaling the girl to remain silent, smiled at her to make her feel easy and approached the unsuspecting Sneha from back.

Today surprisingly Sneha was in her bra and panties as she generally avoided wearing any lingerie when I was at home. They must have been put on for the girl’s benefit as may darling maid never wore any underclothes. However, the contrasting tight fitting white nylon bra and panties did make her half naked dark form look damn sexy which must have been her intent to seduce the girl. Her round firm arse was high in the air as she bent down on her knees lapping up the youthful juices from the girl’s cunt. I carefully climbed on the bed, positioned myself behind Sneha and in one motion pulled down her panties. Before she had a chance to recover from her surprise, I had bent down and fastened my mouth on her tight arsehole, one of my favorite sucking place.

By the time she gasped in shock at the delightful sudden sensation in her rectum, my tongue was deep up her bottom hole as I held her buttocks firmly to my face. She relaxed slowly as she recognized the familiar feel of my tongue inside her buttocks and then continued sucking on the girl’s cunt. The girl also settled down, reassured by Sneha’s nonchalance and looked at me warily as she moaned in the throes of ecstasy. After she had had a couple of orgasms, Sneha licked her labia and thighs carefully to scoop up the juice and sat up laughing, asking me when I had returned and why I had not informed her.

I released her buttocks, pulled her towards me and kissed her passionately for a long time. Then I asked Sneha who the little nymph was. She smiled mischievously and told me that the girl was her niece Sangeeta and stayed in the village with her mother Susheela, Sneha’s estranged real sister. Sneha had lusted after her nubile niece for quite some time and had been trying to ensnare her but unfortunately the girl had been out of town for many months and had returned only yesterday. Yesterday evening Sneha had somehow enticed her into the house, left her alone in the living room amidst a lot of sex magazines and then conveniently caught her masturbating as she flipped through one of the raunchy magazines. Sneha had immediately first scared the daylights out of the girl by threatening to tell her mother and then seduced her easily. They had made delicious oral love in a quickie and the horny girl had returned today for an encore when I had interrupted the love feast.

I looked at the sexy young girl and Sneha asked me naughtily whether I wanted to enjoy her. She further said that it would cost me a lot of money as she would have to placate the girl’s mother i.e. her sister with whom she was not on good terms. I told her she could have as much as she wanted. Sangeeta was listening to this exchange and sensing danger, tried to get up to leave. Sneha pounced on her, and wrestled her to the bed and asked me to start.

As Sneha pinned the girl to the bed, I approached the girl and took her face in my hands. She was trembling with fear and I just planted my lips on her mouth and kissed her sweet mouth. She had full dark lips and a very fragrant breath and I was soon sucking on her mouth lustily, tasting her saliva. Meanwhile, Sneha started sucking her cunt again, asking her not to be afraid and that she would take care of her Mom. As the girl slowly relaxed, I loosened her skirt and pulled it down her legs. Her blouse was a small skimpy affair and I just broke off the buttons and tore it off her body. Sangeeta flinched at this display of my lust and again started trembling.

She was not wearing any bra and her proud young breasts were the largest I had seen in a girl of that age. I lovingly caressed and squeezed her breasts and found them to be as hard as they looked, as if filled with firm solid rubber. I bent down and took the slim peanut shaped dark nipple in mouth. As I sucked it appreciatively, it hardened, evidence of the arousal of the girl. Soon Sangeeta stopped protesting and Sneha and I completely undressed her and started kissing her all over. I again took one nipple in my mouth and Sneha alternated between the other nipple and her mouth. I slowly wandered down her flat belly, kissing her navel, and then buried my face in the soft mound of her youthful mons veneris. It was covered with dense silken hair and smelled fresh and divine. I continued downward till my face was buried in her crotch.

My tongue darted out and licked the thick labia, drawing juice immediately. I pushed in the tongue into the warm jelly like softness of the vagina and started sucking steadily. My upper lip could feel the diamond of her clitoris throbbing and swelling and I soon settled down into a long bout of sucking her cunt juice. The virgin cunt was very tasty and had a fresh young spicy flavor and I knew I had to devour her. Sneha, sensing the girl’s excitement, got up laughing and decided to enjoy herself by mounting the girl’s face and planting her own cunt firmly on Sangeeta’s face.

She was soon humping away enthusiastically, as she looked back at me and winked to tell me that now was a good time to mount the girl. I sucked up some more juice, making sure that the girl came a few times and then got up. I spread her legs and positioned the cock at her cunt. The girl, sensing the impending assault on her virgin cunt, tried to get up but was held down firmly by her aunt who pinned down her arms to the bed and clamped her head firmly between her strong thighs. I pushed determinedly, and watched the soft pink slit distend to allow my thick knob in.

I was gentle but firm and did not stop even when the girl flinched and thrashed around. Her scream was muffled in Sneha’s crotch as her cunt was firmly clamped on the girl’s mouth. Sneha just smiled sadistically, clamping down harder on the girl’s face. I was soon in up to the hilt in the deliciously tight and hot cunt and just froze for some time to give some respite to Sangeeta. When she stopped thrashing around, I tickled her clitoris with my finger and soon I could feel warm slimy juice envelop my cock.

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